Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Parking Pay Stations “Go Live” September 20th

It’s official, downtown parkers will pay to park on-street starting September 20th, 2010. The implementation of pay stations in downtown Tacoma marks the culmination of nearly a decade worth of work and input from literally hundreds of community members.

The high demand for parking in downtown means that visitors, customers and clients to downtown often have difficulty finding a place to park in the vicinity of their destination. The market-based approach to parking adopted by the City of Tacoma ensures that the price to park combined with consistent enforcement will incent employees and other long-term parkers to find a spot in a garage, leaving on-street stalls available for shoppers, eaters and clients. This effort is largely supported by the downtown community including : the Downtown Merchants Group, restaurants, property owners, large employers, residents, cultural institutions and others.

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  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    As long as we stick with the market-based approach, I'm calling this a win for all involved.

    Now, how about a market-based approach for new construction parking requirements city-wide? Eh? Eh?