Thursday, July 22, 2010

Downtown may get another Link light rail stop

If the downtown business community has its way an additional Tacoma Link light rail stop will be constructed between S. 11th and S. 12th Streets on Commerce.

A stop in this area would improve Link access for employees and visitors in downtown’s primary business core. Currently link access in this part of downtown is limited to the stops at S. 9th and S. 15th. An additional stop in this area has been listed as an incentive for businesses interested in locating downtown.

Sound Transit, who owns and operates Tacoma Link is in the process of defining the minimum requirements necessary for an addition stop. The City of Tacoma will be responsible for engineering and constructing the stop based on those requirements.

1 comment:

  1. A new stop would be very valuable. Most of the people who work in the downtown are located between 15th and 9th and a new stop will serve them. Also it couldn't hurt to encourage people to shop in stores that are easily accessible along the full downtown route.