Monday, May 02, 2016

Link to Remain Fare Free

This past Thursday, the Sound Transit Board voted unanimously to defer the implementation of per- ride fees for the Tacoma Link.  The postponement of fee collection was made possible through a $29,000 annual donation made by the Tacoma Business Improvement Area.  In order to keep customer foot traffic and business patronage in the downtown area high, the BIA has offered this donation to offset Sound Transit’s projected lost net revenues for the year. 

Without the BIA’s donation, the transit agency would have begun charging $1 per adult ride on the Link to offset the cost of running the 1.5 mile line.  Both Mayor Marilyn Strickland and the BIA believe the implementation of a per-ride fee makes more sense once the planned Link expansion in the Hilltop and Stadium districts is complete (estimated for a 2022 completion).  The current arrangement will allow hundreds of thousands people to continue riding the Link for free in the foreseeable future.

For additional information, visit the Tacoma News Tribune here, view the Sound Transit's press release here, or read the Business Examiner's coverage here.