Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Big Events Will Swell Downtown 'Feet on the Street'

The Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center has just released its list of upcoming large events its scheduled for downtown Tacoma area during the next three months. These events will have more than 1,000 attendees, many of whom will be eating, staying and shopping in the downtown area on the day(s) of their events:

March 8: Lee’s Martial Arts Open - 2,400 attendees
March 14 – 16: Remodeling Exposition 2008 - over 3,000 people during this three-day event
March 23: St. John’s Church Easter Service – 3,000 attendees
April 2: Snowmobile Sneak Peak Preview – 1,500 attendees
April 27: Ben Kaplan City of College Dreams National Tour – 2,500 attendees
May 2-4: NW Dive News – 2,500 people during this three-day event
May 9 & 10: Tacoma City Marathon – 2,000 participants

The BIA will continue delivery of its value-added services during each of these events. With all these additional "feet on the street," downtown stakeholders should plan on helping to put their best foot forward, too.