Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prairie Line Trail Extension

Recently, the City of Tacoma hired a consultant to look at options on a very short segment of the Prairie Line Trail: South 21st Street.  While the crossing iteself is less than 100-ft, choosing a way to cross that encourages trail users to continue safely on the trail to and from UWT will be critical to making it a success.  At the same time, looking at vehicle routes, delays and back-ups it's clear 21st is used as a main route to SR-509, I-705 & I-5.  Finally, the question of cost magnatude comes up - weighing the value of dollars here versus elsewhere on the trail.

By last week the options were narrowed down to three crossing alternatives:
  1. Road Diet - reducing one vehicular lane in each direction on 21st and creating a mid-traffic landing median.
  2. Adding a Stop Light at C Street - routing PLT off of the rail line to the light & back again.
  3. Combination of #2 & 3 - the best (or worst?) of both options: removing a lane westbound and routing users to the light.
A PDF of the presentation can be found here: http://cloud.chambermaster.com/userfiles/UserFiles/chambers/1361/File/BIA/PLT_Presentation2.pdf

We'd love to hear your feedback if one of the crossings works particularly well (or poorly) for you as a PLT or S. 21st St. user.

Free Bike Cages for Bike Month

If you didn't know, DOTG manages two bike cages in downtown Tacoma.  The bike cages provide handy, safe, & dry bike parking at all hours.  In honor of bike month they are now being provided free of charge.

Okay, so the weather outside is a little questionable right now, so we may have to extend the free period into June where we're sure it'll be sunny.  This is your chance to try the cage out and see just how convenient they are.  Once the free period is over, it's only $25 for the year if it works for you.  (That's about 2 days of car parking in the same garages.)

To sign-up for the free cages, please contact Downtown On the Go at dotgo@tacomachamber.org.

For more on the bike cages and other bike parking in downtown, please visit www.downtownonthego.com/go/biking/downtown-bike-parking.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

BIA Renewal in Tacoma Weekly

The Tacoma Weekly noted this week that the BIA was beginning its 25th year.  As Maintenance Supervisor Jim Burgess was reflecting on its beginnings, "Downtown has changed a lot since then."

Tacoma Weekly reporter Steve Dunkelberger goes on to note that the BIA was "founded in 1988 as a way to provide litter clean up and early evening security for downtown workers who were finding themselves having to walk through rows of homeless people panhandling, drug dealers selling dime bags and otherwise empty streets."

Today, the BIA is proud to point out that most of these challenges are a thing of the past in the central business district.  This is due in large part to the vigilance of all parties, from the property owners to the City to the local agencies and businesses.

For more on the article, please visit the Tacoma Weekly at http://www.tacomaweekly.com/news/view/bia-turns-25/