Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prairie Line Trail Extension

Recently, the City of Tacoma hired a consultant to look at options on a very short segment of the Prairie Line Trail: South 21st Street.  While the crossing iteself is less than 100-ft, choosing a way to cross that encourages trail users to continue safely on the trail to and from UWT will be critical to making it a success.  At the same time, looking at vehicle routes, delays and back-ups it's clear 21st is used as a main route to SR-509, I-705 & I-5.  Finally, the question of cost magnatude comes up - weighing the value of dollars here versus elsewhere on the trail.

By last week the options were narrowed down to three crossing alternatives:
  1. Road Diet - reducing one vehicular lane in each direction on 21st and creating a mid-traffic landing median.
  2. Adding a Stop Light at C Street - routing PLT off of the rail line to the light & back again.
  3. Combination of #2 & 3 - the best (or worst?) of both options: removing a lane westbound and routing users to the light.
A PDF of the presentation can be found here: http://cloud.chambermaster.com/userfiles/UserFiles/chambers/1361/File/BIA/PLT_Presentation2.pdf

We'd love to hear your feedback if one of the crossings works particularly well (or poorly) for you as a PLT or S. 21st St. user.

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