Monday, June 14, 2010

Potential On-Street Parking Pay Station Locations Indicated throughout Downtown

Noticed those small white triangles on sidewalks throughout the downtown? If you're curious to know what these are and why they are there, read on!

As you are probably well aware by now, on-street paid parking will officially become a reality in downtown Tacoma this September. A voluntary, citizen-led Parking Management Advisory Task Force has been hard at work over the past months offering recommendations to the City of Tacoma on the roll-out of the new on-street system. Details on the on-street system can be found at

Over the summer, parking pay station infrastructure will be placed throughout the downtown. In a first cut at placement of these pay stations, the City of Tacoma has sprayed small, white triangles (pictured above) at the tentative location of these stations (example pictured below). The long side of the trangle is the back of the paystation, while the arrow points in the direction of the front side of the pay station where the customer interacts with the machine. The pay stations will be approximately 1 foot square and 5 feet high.

While the tentative locations of these stations is based on the criteria for placement set forth by the Parking Management Advisory Task Force, it is a first-cut at this placement. The City is very interested in property owner, business owner, student, and citizen input before final placement is determined. While this is not a call for debate on whether or not pay stations should be placed downtown at all, it is a call for specific concerns pertaining to placement of specific machines.

Should you have comments on a location of parking pay station, please submit to by Thursday, June 24th.

Should you want to know more about on-street paid parking in downtown Tacoma in general, including how you can provide more general public comment, visit

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