Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spaceworks is filling up downtown

Spaceworks Tacoma(, a collaboration between the City of Tacoma, Shunpike and the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber is placing local artists and entrepreneurs in vacant retail spaces in downtown Tacoma. The artists began installing their work on Monday. Expect to see more art, pop up stores and artists creating art in the coming weeks.

Here is the list of what to expect and where you can find it.

950 Pacific Ave (Property Owner: JohnsonSimon, LLC)
Artscapes Installations Artists:
June Sekiguchi
Mary Coss
Pam Hom

Woolworth Building (Property Manager: Tacoma Contemporary)
Artscapes Installations Artists:
Lisa KinoshitaAndrew Peterson
Joseph Songco
Gretchen Bennett
Zeitbike Crew: Scott McGee, Eric Holdener and Bil Fleming

628 St. Helens (Property Owner: Eric Cederstrand)
Sarah Magnum and Aaron Flett of the fledgling film production company, Aroma Films, will use the space as the principle location for their feature-length comedy which takes place in Tacoma.

906 Broadway (Property Manager: Colliers International)
Artscapes Installations Artists:
Michelle Acuff
Tory Franklin
Ben Hirschkoff

Jennifer Adams will create an art boutique called “FLY” that will represent several different local artists who create hand-crafted or designed items. FLY will be a mix of gallery and retail.

913 Pacific Ave. (Property Manager: Colliers International)
Susan Thompson creates pottery and will use the space to not only sell her products but also allow people to watch her create pieces while in the space. She will use this space during our second round of installations.

Kristie Worthey and Shakespeare in the Parking Lot Theater Company will use the space as a rehearsal and performance space. Rehearsals and performances will be open to the public.

915 Pacific Ave. (Property Manager: Colliers International)
Tiffanie Peters is fashion designer who designs apparel, jewelry and accessories. She will be creating a boutique of her own hand-made products where people can shop and get one of a kind products.

1114 Broadway (Property Manager: Colliers International)
Isaac Olsen is a filmmakers and artist who will use the space to continue his film work and also sell merchandise such as DVD’s of his films, t-shirts and posters.

Joshua Everson is a teacher of Art, Graphic Design, and Photography who will use the space as a portrait studio and also a place for Joshua to provide services and lessons for other artists.

Meghan Lancaster is an artist who uses fiber and textiles to create works of varying scales. She will be using the space to display her art in the storefront window while also creating new pieces.

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