Thursday, January 18, 2007

'Wall of Shame' for Tollefson Plaza?

Dave Seago's blog yesterday notes that the pedestrian-blocking "Wall of Shame" next to the Washington History Museum may be moving. Save Our Station leaders are looking favorably at a city proposal to move the Century Park project to city-owned Tollefson Plaza, across the street and to the north of the museum.

City Manager Eric Anderson is said to be enthusiastic about the plan, and it is also reported that the city would pay the cost of installing the park and a large metal sculpture of an old locomotive at Tollefson Plaza.

This may be a great idea for resolving the current friction over the stalled project, but does it help or hurt "activation" of the Plaza? How long can we continue to add elements to that public space without a master plan? Who's watching out for the highest and best use of the space?


  1. The merchant and citizen group looking to manage Tollefson Plaza should meet soon with the city to coordinate the placement of Century Park in the plaza.

    I would think they would want the future events in the plaza to coordinate well with the the donor wall.

  2. is the wall glass? What if the names were etched in glass that was in the fountain? I think we need to be really careful how "cluttered " the space gets...The pool, waterfall area does not have a vertical visibility from the street. Placing the wall memorial coming up out of it would make it more of a focal point....
    There is going to be a locomotive there? that seems extremely random and unappealing. It seems like we could do much better....
    just a thought.