Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BIA, TPD Patrols Will Target North End

BIA Security Patrol personnel and Tacoma police officers will be stepping up activity to combat public disorder during the next several weeks.

Last week's meeting with stakeholders from the Theater District and surrounding area of downtown confirmed the need for more targeted intervention. While the stepped up patrol activity will be somewhat random and details are not available in advance, late night ("graveyard shift") patrols and sweeps through the areas around the Winthrop and Olympus hotels will clearly be part of the process.

Business managers, property owners and residents from the north end of the BIA will receive regular reports (after the fact) on patrol activity and its results. Stakeholders who have not yet signed up for e-mail or telephone lists for this purpose should contact the BIA.

The BIA has organized a meeting later this week that will assemble representatives from the Law Enforcement Support Agency (LESA), Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, Tacoma Police and other agencies to examine how surveillance cameras might be put to use for enhanced security downtown. Participants will also learn how one vendor has begun linking camera systems from different platforms to more effectively increase "eyes on the street" in other downtowns.


  1. That's good news.

    We have some new businesses moving into the area and the BIA patrols might be useful to make their transition in easier.

  2. This is not a comment but a question. Do you know anything about what is going on at the site of the old National Bank building, 1123 Pacific Avenue? Apparently it is slated for demolition. It is owned by Dotcom Associates, who also own the "Kress Payless" Building, for which they got a Community Revitalization Deduction from the City of Tacoma in the amouint of $8,250,000.