Monday, January 22, 2007

BIA Mission, Strategies Profiled

John Gillie's interview in this morning's edition of The News Tribune captures the BIA's mission and strategies quite well; it also highlights the genesis and rason d'etra of this blog.

We will strive to live up to the ethos articulated in the final paragraph:

I think we’ve done a lot of the right things. The biggest danger is if we just coast and stop generating new ideas. You’ve got to keep improving what you’re doing all the time.


  1. Nice interview Paul. Glad they did it.

    The BIA is doing two very important services for downtown 1) making the downtown be and feel safer and 2) keeping the downtown as clean as possible with powerwashing and removal of Graffiti.

    Let's keep the momentum up!

  2. It's spelled:

    raison d'etre

    Otherwise I like the blog. Lets just try and keep it respectable.