Tuesday, January 02, 2007

BIA 'Grafitti Patrol' Tags Taggers

Due to continued heavy graffiti defacing properties near 7th & Broadway, the BIA and Tacoma Police jointly staged a special "graffiti patrol" over the past two weekends, fielding covert operations during the "graveyard" shift when most of the damage was occurring. In the early morning of January 1st, the BIA/TPD team apprehended five taggers.

BIA patrol members John Leitheiser and Charles Kempel spotted four of the taggers and contacted TPD officer Jeff Thiry, who made the arrest; a second TPD officer was called for backup when Kempel observed a fifth suspect moving away from the scene; this suspect was also apprehended. A search of the suspects by TPD revealed eleven cans of spray paint, and all five were booked into jail for destruction of property.

The success of this approach may lead to repeat efforts as the district's budget allows. One of more other taggers hit Davita and other properties around 15th & Pacific overnight last night.


  1. What a total waste of energy on the part of the taggers. It's so sad because you know that energy and drive could be used for such great things.

    Kudos to the BIA nonetheless because it's really seemed to get ugly recently. I say, not in my city you don't!

  2. Make the bastards pay! Tagging is lame, I agree with kevin, they should have been channeling their activity into more subversive things.

  3. Nice work. Keep up the pressure.

    There seems to be a rash of tagging lately.