Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Minding the Space

One of the key issues that arose out of last month's workshop with Project for Public Spaces is that of management for Pacific Plaza. Nobody is responsible--or funded--to activate the space with ongoing activities or to promote use of the space by other groups.

PPS is providing examples in its final report (to be released July 20th) of non-profit entities in other communities that may provide models for Pacific Plaza. Pioneer Courthouse Square (Portland, OR) was selected because it has a somewhat similar management entity potential. The organization is small, focused on one place, and uses a variety of events to attract people to use the space during different seasons.

BIA staff member Joanne Buselmeier is leading a committee that is looking at Pioneer Courthouse Square as a potential model and exploring its feasiblilty here. Her team will file a report here and at the event on July 20th.

1 comment:

  1. Pacific Plaza could be improved as a more public space by having the adjacent restaurants have outdoor seating.

    Most critically, the Marriott needs to reconfigure a bit and have catering or other events on the landing on the Nortern side of the Plaza. Perhaps they could could open up the southern wall bordering the plaza some to make this occur.

    Pacific Plaza is pretty sparse now. However, two boardering restaurants and Tacoma Art Supply are opening up soon.

    We will see what it look like then.

    Finally, conventioneers need to get information in the convention center that would encourage them to walk down the walkway in Pacific Plaza.