Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Flags & Flowers Along the Way

Tacoma's Downtown BIA is making a commitment to improving the urban streetscape. This year's program includes $30,000 (about 4% of the total budget) for common area improvements related to streetscape (and excluding what we will spend this year on banners, another element of an attractive streetscape).

One expenditure is to fund hanging flower baskets throughout the city center. This week, City of Tacoma grounds crews started installing the brackets and hanging baskets all along Pacific Ave.

On a slightly different tangent, but related to common area improvements, funding has just been secured for the roughly $10,000 needed to replace and upgrade fencing along the northeast side of Fireman's Park. This improvement was recommended in the recent Community Policing Through Environmental Design (CPTED) review of the park; it will keep transients from scrambling up the hill from encampments alongside SR-704. Kudos to Hardy Hansen and Robert Luke at the City of Tacoma for pulling it all together!


  1. Nice work. The fence will help the area tremendously.

    Thats' how downtown is going to improve, one good step in the right direction no matter how small.

  2. Anonymous7:26 PM

    flowers can really do wonders in a place.