Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Chihuly in Pacific Plaza

We're excited to share with you some details about the upcoming Chihuly in Tacoma event. You may already know that internationally reknowned glass artist Dale Chihuly will return to Tacoma (his hometown) from August 8th-13th to work with a rotation of artists creating several of his signature glass series works including Baskets, Seaforms, Venetians, Macchia, and Persians. What you may not know yet is that there will be an exciting mix of venues that weekend filling Pacific Plaza and linking the square to the UWT and museum campuses.

Expect to see an outdoor art gallery, vendor booths, a performance stage and a wine garden in Pacific Plaza proper; a beer garden, hot shop and food sampling court will be in close proximity. This is a great use for this great public space and deserves the community's fullest support--if you'd like to volunteer your time, talent or treasure, contact Amy McBride at the City of Tacoma or Phedra Redifer at Metro Parks.

The Downtown Tacoma BIA will be partnering to help promote this event, and we will continue to work on activiting Pacific Plaza the rest of the year!

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  1. Nice.

    Perhaps Chihuly and some other artists can build a sculpture across the street at the Tacoma Art Museum or on Pacific Plaza itself.