Monday, June 19, 2006

Downtown Parking Forum

The Parking Advisory Committee, a group organized by the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber and recognized by the Tacoma City Council, invites business owners, employees, residents and others to join them for a Downtown Parking Forum:

Thursday, June 22nd
4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Club Zoe (1710 S. Market St.)
Participation is free and open to the public

Participants can come for as long or as little a period of time as they wish during this three-hour event.

Members of the Parking Advisory Committee--representing all types of businesses, downtown residents, non-profit entities and others--will be on hand to talk with attendees one-on-one. Staff representatives from the City of Tacoma, Pierce Transit and Sound Transit will also be attending. Participants may progress from station to station in order to speak with committee members, hear about new technologies, discuss options for parking permits, explore new commute alternatives, and more...

Learn more about the complex topic of downtown parking, voice your kudos or concerns, ask questions--get involved!

A summary of all comments received during this forum will be compiled and presented to members of the Tacoma City Council.


  1. My only comment is that pay stations apparently do not work for downtown parking on streets. Their use appears to be limted to parking lots with faily long term parking.

    After hiring consultants, purchasing expensive pay stations, and having a long public "educational" program and even having parking employees try to assist residents work the pay stations for over a week, Bellingham was forced to remove all of their pay stations earlier this year.

    Here is an article on the issue:


    Bellingham City Council

    By Kristi Pihl (Western Front)

    February 14, 2006

    Bellingham City Council approved yesterday’s removal of LUKE, a new automated parking meter system, from the 1300 block of Railroad Avenue at an emergency city council meeting last Saturday.

    The city did end up removing the pay stations and replaced them with meters.

    I think the issue for Tacoma is between what we have now and individual meters.

    I believe either would work although having no meters is somewhat more inviting to potential shoppers.

  2. A couple thoughts:
    Yesterday I walked from a meeting at City HQ to my office in the Harmon (UWT). I had just gotten out of a meeting where the City Manager told me there was a real need for more parking in the downtown core. However, on my walk I passed about a dozen parking lots most of which were half-filled at best. It seems to me, and this has been pointed out by commissioned studies, that Tacoma has plenty of parking... it's just not well marked.

    And what about the idea to add angled parking in-between the areas along Pacific Ave that currently have it? There is angled parking from 9th north and in the UWT area. But from 9th to 17th, it's old-school parallel parking. This would seem like an easy way to add parking while making Pacific Ave more pedestrian-friendly.

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