Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Pacific Avenue Streetscape April 16 Weekly Construction Update

A special public meeting was held last week at the Chamber to discuss the project's schedule and options for making up time due to unforeseen issues.  It was proposed to expand Phase 1B to include the west side of Pacific Avenue from S. 7th to S.13th Street. In preparation for this work, the contractor will begin tree removal, the installation of temporary lighting, and potholing for buried utilities within this expanded area. The contractor will contact adjacent businesses before this preliminary work begins.   

Construction Schedule & Progress

  • Sidewalks:  The pedestrian path through Phase 1A is generally complete.  Small portions of sidewalk yet to be constructed include areas receiving a cobble finish in the vicinity of bulb outs, and gray sidewalk panels immediately adjacent to the rain gardens.
  • Curb & Gutter:  The majority of the curb & gutter on the east side of Pacific Avenue between S. 9th & S.13th is complete.  Curb and gutter work at the rain gardens is expected to be complete by the end of the month.
  • Bulb Outs:  The new bulb out on the SE corner of S. 9th Street is complete and open to pedestrian traffic. The bulb out on the NE corner of S.11th St. is tentatively planned for completion this week.
  • Electrical:  Temporary lighting is being installed on the west side of Pacific Avenue between    S. 7th and S. 9th in preparation for the start of the expanded Phase 1B.
  • Rain Garden: Concrete work continues in each rain garden in preparation for the installation of the impermeable liners and the placement of treatment media, soils and plants. Work is expected to continue through the end of the month.
  • Planters:  Topsoil has been installed at several tree pit/planter locations. Select trees were planted last week from S. 9th to S.12th Street.
  • Vault Infill: Work on the vault infill at 1007 Pacific Avenue is ongoing and is expected to be complete by early April.
  • Traffic Control: The contractor has replaced a number of the water-filled traffic barriers on the east side of Pacific Avenue with orange traffic barrels. Parking meters and signs are expected to be installed within the next two weeks. Once these are in place, select areas will be opened for parking. 
  • Nighttime Security Precautions:  With spring & summer arriving and outdoor patios opening up between 7th and 9th, there is an increase in pedestrian traffic along Pacific Avenue.  The contractor will be taking additional measures to make the work areas along the sidewalks  as safe as possible for the public.

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