Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Save Our Buses Campaign Kickoff – Thursday

Pierce Transit is in trouble and needs your help! Like many other transit agencies in Washington, Pierce Transit is facing a large budget deficit because of the economic downturn. Despite service cuts, staff layoffs and delaying or eliminating capital projects, Pierce Transit will be forced to cut service nearly 35% to close their budget gap unless they can raise new revenue.

These cuts will have a dramatic impact on downtown Tacoma. Approximately 8,000 people ride the bus into downtown each day. Fifty-percent of those trips rely on transit to get to work. Thirty-five percent service cuts to downtown mean some downtown routes are eliminated, buses come less often and weekend service is slashed. This is unacceptable for our downtown.

You can help by spreading the word, donating to the campaign and coming to the Save Our Buses Campaign Kickoff

WHEN: Thursday, Jan 6th 6pm-7:30pm
WHERE:The Hub Events Space, 203 Tacoma Ave S., Tacoma
RSVP: or 253-732-9434

For more information about the February 8th 2011 election and Proposition 1, Save Our Buses go to

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