Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sound Off! on Downtown Issues Today

This is a big day for advocacy with members of the Tacoma City Council as they consider several critical issues that may have critical impact upon downtown's future development:
  • City Manager Eric Anderson will offer his final recommendations regarding downtown parking and transit at the weekly Study Session today, beginning at 12 Noon; that meeting is also scheduled to include an update from the police and fire departments regarding the impact of the closure of the Murray Morgan Bridge on emergency response times;
  • Tonight's City Council meeting will include a public hearing regarding height limits for new construction on the Thea Foss Waterway--the first test of the Council's intent to pursue their policy decision last year to densify downtown; that portion of the meeting is set to begin at 5:30 p.m.;
  • Later, City Council members will consider a resolution that could enable an option agreement and development agreement with Winthrop Hotel LLC to sell City-owned property at S. 35th St. & Pacific Ave. for the construction of mixed-income housing--the first step in disaggregating the concentrated low income housing project at 9th & Commerce;
  • City Council members are also scheduled to consider a resolution that would approve a development agreement and $1.65 million loan agreement with the Gintz Group LLC to help facilitate the acquisition and renovation of the historic Luzon Building at S. 13th St. & Pacific Ave.


  1. I am still a bit curious about the sale price in the $4-$5 per sqft range for the Winthrop Hotel LLC and City owned land deal. I know high density land in my neighborhood is going for around $50 per sqft and the developers are only putting in medium density townhomes. Single Family lots are going for $20+ per sqft. Where the heck did $4-$5 per sqft come from?

  2. I would read John Trueman's assessment. Remember also it is a fill and a former garbage dump with no view.

  3. Erik have you read the assessment/appraisal?