Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Shooting Downtown

Three people were injured--one critically – early Thursday in what Tacoma police describe as a gang-related shooting outside a downtown nightclub. A lone gunman fired into a crowd of 50-60 people milling around the parking lot at closing time at McCabe’s American Music Cafe, injuring three people. McCabe's has been the site of several incidents over the past few years, including a fatal shooting in 2002.

The City of Tacoma has regulatory zoning--unlike many other cities (such as Seattle)--that allows then City great discretion over business' licensing. Well-run businesses are always concerned about their impact upon neighboring properties and the community in general. Tacoma Police and other city officials should examine McCabe's situation carefully--hopefully with the unflinching cooperation of the current owners--and take action to maintain a safe but vital downtown.

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