Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sound Off About Downtown Parking & Transit--Round Two

City Manager Eric Anderson will begin a second round of meetings regarding downtown parking issues in each of the six defined neighborhoods--the Theater District, the Dome District, the Stadium District, the Hilltop, the Thea Foss Waterway area and the UWT campus--beginning next Monday evening.

Members of the Chamber's Parking Advisory Committee--who have been wrestling with these issues for over a year on behalf of stakeholders--are also developing a set of recommendations to help inform the City's efforts. The end result may be a more systematic approach to this perennial downtown concern--which seems to have been under debate since cars began...

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  1. Downtown Tacoma parking is terrible. I, like most of my friends, REFUSE to use the trolly. We do NOT feel safe parking at the Tacoma dome and riding the trolly with the bums.

    Tacoma should parter with owners of existing parking garages and make parking free after six pm weekdays and all day Saturday & Sunday. I simply REFUSE to circle the block searching for a place to park to go into Starbucks on Pacific.

    Perhaps the vision of having a Wal-Mart will inspire other businesses to provide the very thing that will bring people downtown...PARKING, preferable FREE!