Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Growth Ahead for UW Tacoma

Tacoma's downtown campus of the University of Washington can look forward to further growth as a result of action during the 2007 Legislature.

The operating budget approved last week by the Legislature includes provision for nearly 4,500 students at the University of Washington Tacoma during the next two years. Moreover, the UWT is budgeted to receive $6.1 million for pre-design and design phases for redevelopment of the Joy Building (1717-1730 Pacific Ave.), including the addition of a fourth floor. This will provide nearly 70,000 square feet of additional classroom and faculty office space.

Lawmakers also threw a curve to the UWT's expansion plans in the area of multiple unit housing on the campus. Under legislation passed this Session, new or rehabilitated multiple unit housing that is or will be within the boundaries of a campus facilities master plan is not eligible for the coveted ten-year property tax exemption unless the university otherwise provides prior written approval.


  1. That's great news. More students and classrooms on campus is good.

    However, we need to make sure they place retail on the first floor on Pacific Avenue as this would add to the area greatly and be consistent with commitment to an urban campus.

  2. Here's some good news from the Tacoma Daily Index:

    [i]Other projects of note include affected University of Washington Tacoma -- namely, $6.1 million for design work on renovation of UW Tacoma's Joy Building, and funding to increase enrollment to 2,109 full-time equivalent (FTEs) students in 2007-2008, and 2,349 FTEs in 2008-2009 (an increase from 1,869 in 2006-2007).[/i]

  3. Jill from UWT here. This information, originally reported in the Business Examiner Daily, is incorrect. UWT will grow by 480 students over the next two years, not 4,500. The BE Daily posted a correction to this story the following day.