Thursday, December 07, 2006

Track Closed Ahead?

Proposed alternative routes for extension of Sounder commuter rail service to Lakewood are too expensive to warrant further consideration, according to reports presented today to Sound Transit's board of directors. The agency's review indicates that the propsoed new alternatives would add $200 million to the project budget and push the project timeline out two years.

Local architect Jim Merritt and other stakeholders offered alternatives to Sound Transit officials, including one that would begin at Freighthouse Square, travel south behind Brown & Haley's candy factory, drop into a covered trench along S. 27th St., then cross under Pacific Ave. and surface on S. Tacoma Way across from the Tacoma Rescue Mission. The alternative route, local proponents claim, would spare several businesses and preserve key traffic routes.

For now, Sound Transit will move forward with its current plan--known as Modified Alternative Two with Hood Street Loop--but remains open to community input on business impacts, mitigation and viable alternatives.

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  1. Alternative 2, Modified is not the current option. Sound Transit still considers the "at grade" crossing as their primary plan. Even Alt 2, Modified adds $40 million to the cost of their primary option.