Monday, December 11, 2006

Now Open: Commencement Bank

C.R. Roberts' interview with Commencement Bank President and CEO Hal Russell--commemorating the financial institution's opening in downtown Tacoma--brings out some points that show just how far downtown has come in the past decade.

Commencement Bank is a high tech enterprise, Russell says, noting that "much of the banking that people used to do has become electronic, computerized. It’s online." For those of us who remember the initial efforts 8-9 years ago to position downtown Tacoma as a high tech center, it's nice to see this commitment to technology. Of course, the bank strives to be equally high touch.

Even better is Russell's statement about why he located in downtown. "I want this to be the best place for my folks to work," Russell told Roberts. "I want this to be a wonderful place for customers." In pursuing these goals, Russell considered fourteen locations--all downtown. Since one of the BIA's primary purposes since its inception in 1988 was to make downtown a great place to work and shop, this is great to hear.

Commencement Bank is open today at 1145 Broadway. Stop in or give them a call at (253) 284-1800.

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  1. Nice to see something move into that space. Morpho occupied the space for many years but kept a black wall there.

    I see also that a salon has moved into the space by the Sheraton.

    This (1100) block of Broadway is now likely the most functional block of downtown. A good model for the rest of the city.