Thursday, November 16, 2006

More About Clearwire...

Clearwire's launch in the Seattle metro area garnered lots of media attention including articles in The News Tribune, the Business Examiner Online, and the Seattle Times in addition to prominent play on evening television news shows.

Launch of the service yesterday marked the availability of wireless broadband Internet access throughout Tacoma and the metropolitan area of Pierce County. Other areas may gain service from a new partnership between CenturyTel and the Rainier Communications Commission, although the planned launch date for pilot service to Steilacoom seems to have slipped.

Perry Satterlee, Clearwire's co-president, grew up in Tacoma's North End, and his father worked for many years in an office in the Washington Building. Satterlee insisted on holding a small launch event yesterday morning in The Vault to commemorate that fact and to thank many individuals who helped ease the company's entrance into this marketplace.

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