Friday, November 17, 2006

About Last Night...

There's no official crowd estimate, but there were visibly lots of people out last night enjoying the November 16th event. The Three Mo' Tenors presentation at the Pantages Center was the evening's signature event, but many venues--like Vin Grotto, The Matador and Pacific Grill--were near or at capacity for long stretches of the evening.

We'd like to hear from readers--where did you enjoy November 16th? What's your opinion as to the best venues, and why? Who wasn't open that you'd like to see next year?

To all that participated in whatever way, thanks for helping put more feet on the street!

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  1. Last night downtown was pretty great.

    Vin Grotto was overflowing with standing room only crowd. The weather was generous, cool but nice and clear.

    The city seems to have some high wattage down at 9th and commerce which is working well to make the area more inviting.

    A few of us managed to get a spot at the edge of the firepit at the Matador. Once you are there with some good food its hard to leave.

    Eric Hanburg was even there at the new location for Horatio Theater to show everyone his new place in Opera Alley.

    (Three Mo Tenors was pretty much full too)
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