Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Downtown Infrastructure Milestones

One of the philosophical underpinnings of urban revitalization--often unexamined by most people--is the idea that communities should build greater density upon infrastructure already in place. In the real world, the problem is that antiquated infrastructure often cannot support greater density--at least, not to modern standards.

Tacoma's downtown infrastructure is getting a necessary rebuild in several areas; two such projects were updated for the public this week:
  • After a long period of controversy, the Broadway Ave. Local Improvement District was approved by the Tacoma City Council in April, providing the venue for property owners to get together to pay for reconstruction, repair and renewal of sidewalks, ornamental street lighting and landscaping and construction of surface water, wastewater and water main utility replacement. The project goes out to bid next month and, after construction (slated to begin next April) is completed, the City believes it won't have to dig this area up again for a decade or more.
  • The 'D' St. Overpass, the $22.5 million road project that will unite the Dome District with the Thea Foss Waterway by raising the roadway over the railroad tracks that loop around the south end of the waterway, recently completed its first phase of construction.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    The work on Broadway is going to help the area alot and is timed well with the restoration of the Winthrop Hotel.

    Hopefully, it can be done with minimal interference with merchants downtown.