Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Be on the Lookout for New Wayfinding Signs

Be on the lookout for downtown Tacoma's new wayfinding signs!

Today, Chris Storey, the Civil Engineer of the City's Public Works Department, presented a wayfinding update to the Tacoma City Council Economic Development Committee. You may recall previous discussions on the wayfinding project, which included public outreach, two open houses, surveys, and an advisory committee.

Currently, the sign designs are complete and the foundation installation is underway. Signs will be installed in two phases. Phase 1 consists of 11 signs along Pacific Avenue. Phase 2 will include 18 signs at identified downtown gateways, ranging from the Dome District to the Stadium District. Signage installation will begin next month and be completed this December.

The signs will be hard to miss standing at 13 feet high with large, readable print designed for cars travelling at 30 miles an hour. David Schroedel, the Chamber's Metropolitan Development Director, supported Storey in developing criteria for signage content. Criteria was determined based on the proximity of the destination to the current location and public feedback collected overa  ear from online surveys and open houses. Many responses came from area visitors and individuals from the hospitality industry.

A historic image covers the backside of the sign. The signs are removable from the base with the option to be changed out at a later time.

The Committee also discussed the future expansion of wayfinding and destination signage for the City, such as signs that lead to the different neighborhood districts, as well as utilizing existing transportation infrastructure to be used toward pedestrian oriented wayfinding options, like bus shelters and transit centers.


  1. I am impressed by the above info I found here. This is really a great news. I myself love such kind of news.

  2. Those signs are really nice. We seriously need some of these at my workplace. We just got a new office and I get lost so easily. The space is as big as a high school and it's difficult to find your way around at times. I wonder how much it would cost to get some of these set up around the lobby area.