Friday, December 17, 2010

Construction continues on Pacific Ave.

Sound Transit has begun work on the D to M street Track and Signal Project connecting Sounder trains from Tacoma Dome Station to Lakewood.

For the weeks of Dec. 16-29, on the D-to-M Streets Track and Signal Project you can expect to see trenching across the intersection of A and South 26th streets. Crews will start from the north and work toward the south and construct the north half on Thursday, Dec. 16, and Friday, Dec. 17. No construction will take place over the weekend. The south half will then be constructed on Monday, Dec. 20, and Tuesday, Dec. 21. Both sides will be repaved and back to the existing roadway by end of day Tuesday, Dec. 21.

On Wednesday, Dec. 22, crews will move up to South 27th Street and begin working from south to north. Crews will be trenching east across A Street from South 27th Street and down A Street to South 26th Street. Parking spots on A Street between 26th and 27th Streets are closed starting today.

During this work, at least one lane of traffic in both directions will be maintained for traffic along South 26th and South 27th streets, the northbound ramp to Interstate 5 will be maintained at all times, and businesses are open for your patronage!

For more information on the D to M project visit Sound Transit’s website,

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