Thursday, January 07, 2010

Transportation Plan Program for Small Business

In order to further the downtown goal of at least 35% of employees using alternate commute options by 2015 (currently the rate is 23.8%), Downtown: On the Go! (DOTG) will now offer a Transportation Plan Program for Small Business. This program is focused on working with businesses with fewer than 100 FTEs and therefore unregulated by the state’s Commute Trip Reduction laws. If you or your employer are one such business, then DOTG wants to work with you!

Currently, the program is in its pilot phase, and is seeking approximately 10 downtown businesses to kick-off the New Year by taking a look at their employees’ commute habits and their transportation policies. Involvement in the program is simple: the time commitment is relatively small, DOTG staff time and expertise are free, and the outcomes – potential cost-savings, increased employee morale, reduced carbon emissions and improved air quality – are well worth the effort!

The Program has already been initiated with both the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber and BLRB Architects. Although these businesses are currently at different phases in their respective processes, each would assure you of the benefits of this program. References can be provided upon request.

If you would like to guarantee your place in this pilot program, or would like DOTG staff to speak to your organization’s leadership, please contact Julia Petersen, DOTG Coordinator, or phone her at 253.627.2175.

Guest Author: Julia Petersen

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