Thursday, September 10, 2009

Russell Leaves…What’s the Next Step for Tacoma?

While news of losing the Frank Russell Company may initially feel like a punch in the gut that knocks the wind out of us all, once we regain our collective breath we realize that now is the opportunity to define our City and our direction for the future. There is much to be excited about.

Last night amid the clack of pool balls at a well know local watering hole a group of Tacoma’s notorious urban schemers met to discuss the future of Tacoma in a post-Russell world. The clear tone among the group was that what we all love about Tacoma does not exist thanks to one employer. We choose to live and work in Tacoma because of the people, the activities and the opportunities to collectively create a place that reflects the interests, ideas and passions of the people who live here.

So I ask, what do you want, citizens Tacoma? What is your vision for our community?

Do you want to create a vibrant urban center filled with arts, music, parks, and bikes and streetcars? If so, how do we get there? What should we prioritize in our urban centers parking or people? Culturally, what do we need as community members to fulfill our hearts and minds? What can we do to better promote the arts and support our homegrown artist? How do we bring business to Tacoma and fill our downtown with bustling shops and great places to work? How do we tell people about what we’ve got? What must we do to highlight our great neighborhoods and vibrant downtown to small businesses, new employers, and potential residents? All of these questions need answers, the best of which come from you, citizens of Tacoma.

This is an exciting time for Tacoma, a time to define where we go next. There are innumerable opportunities to influence the shape, look and feel of our community. Here are a handful of opportunities, events and ways to get involved. I know there are others and I encourage you to get involved and help shape Tacoma’s future.

Brewery District Plan

Mobility Master Plan

Downtown Parking Meters

Clean and Safe Teams and initiatives

Pierce Transit System Redesign

PSRC’s Transportation 2040 plan

Go Local Tacoma

City of Tacoma Neighborhood Councils

The Arts

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  1. Great post Chelsea! I think this provides a great opportunity to think about our priorities as a community. Lets strengthen the ties between economic development plans and our great college and Universities. Lets support our neighborhoods by fixing our local roads and sidewalks and design streets for all users. Lets connect to the regional light rail nextwork and the airport and in the nearer future, lets spend the 80 million dollars and get Tacoma Link extended into our neighborhoods.