Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PARK(ing) Day a Success!

On Friday, September 18th, Transportation Choices Coalition, Cascade Land Conservancy, and others hosted a "park" spot for PARK(ing) Day - a day when parking spots are recognized as public spaces. This global day is all about demonstrating the value of the space given up for autos by dramatically transfering parking spots into temporary parks.

For Tacoma's first year of participation, we were amazed at the success of both creating our "park" and beginning a conversation on what it is we were doing and why we were doing it. In our passing conversations with pedestrians, bicyclists, and even motorists waiting at the stoplight in front of the UWT Bookstore, we many times saw quizzical looks turn into "aha" moments when the message clicked. While the host organizations involved in no way think that those two spots in front of UWT or the one in front of Buzzards are an ideal location for a "park", we did enjoy imagining if only for a day the use of streets and parking spots for uses other than cars.

For more information on PARK(ing) Day, check out http://www.parkingday.org/.
For images of Tacoma's PARK(ing) Day, view the pictures below.

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