Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Do You Envision Tacoma?

Is your vision of Tacoma the tough blue collar industrial town of years past, the cultural and artistic center of the Puget Sound, a bustling walkable community, a bit of all three or something completely different?

The Puget Sound Regional Council projects Tacoma to grow by 127,000 people by 2040, this growth will be like adding the population of Bellevue within Tacoma’s city limits.

The City of Tacoma has a vision for where to put all these extra people. Their vision is articulated in the mixed use centers strategy, which attempts to strategically direct this anticipated growth into existing neighborhoods and business districts by increasing the allowable heights is these districts and offering additional bonuses to developers that provide public amenities.

The City Planning Commission has closely reviewed the mixed use centers process and proposals and has provide a series of recommendations to the City Council to be included in the Mixed Use Centers Zoning and Land Use Code amendments.

Transportation and smart growth advocacy organizations, Transportation Choices Coalition and Futurewise commented on the proposed amendments in an op-ed in today’s News Tribune.

The first reading of the mixed use centers ordinance (No. 278180) will be heard by the Council at today’s City Council meeting, 5pm in the Council Chambers, 747 Market Street.

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