Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Consultants Seek Input on Downtown Strategic Plan

This week, a team of consultants from AngelouEconomics is conducting interviews, focus groups and visioning sessions with stakeholder groups to develop an economic development strategic plan for downtown Tacoma. The BIA Board of Directors participated in a focus group today. The Austin-based economic development consulting firm has been retained by the City of Tacoma to create a blueprint for increasing investment in downtown and providing more jobs to the region's residents.

The City is also looking for feedback from the entire community through online surveys. There are two brief surveys--one is for residents and another is for business owners.

The development of AngelouEconomics' downtown economic development plan will coincide with the development of the Downtown Comprehensive Plan headed by the City in partnership with VIA Architects and will review the long-range planning and zoning for downtown. The overall vision for downtown will be defined consistently for both plans and will be supported by a combined public outreach effort (interviews, focus groups, visioning sessions, online surveys). By integrating the two plans, the City of Tacoma hopes to ensure a robust and meaningful downtown strategic plan.

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