Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Inspection Closes D Town Market

Pursuing stepped up and coordinated inspections--like those that resulted in the closure of McCabe’s American Music Cafe last month--Tacoma Police will announce later today that a similar effort has led to forced closure of the D Town Market at the corner of 9th & Commerce.
City officials forced D Town to close earlier today after inspections revealed several code violations.

D Town has been an above average generator of calls for service to both police and BIA patrols for the past few years. Owners of the Winthrop Hotel evicted D Town from their property in 2005, after which the store moved across the street to its present location.


  1. Yay. As much as I hate to see an independent business shut down, I cringe every time I go up 9th and am forced to stop at a green light for the people who hang out in front of the shop to cross the street slowly. It's closure would do well for that area. If they could clean up their act and their image, maybe they could contribute positively to the community.

  2. I see the phone booth has been removed on 9th and Commerce which has been a hub for crime and created a gauntlet of sorts for people wanting to use the LINK or walk from Broadway to Pacific Avenue.

    Perhaps the single biggest win against crime downtown in the last 2 years.

    Do you want to share how this happened?