Friday, September 22, 2006

Four Stars in Our Eyes

Downtown Tacoma is having such a great week--with significant new hope for long-delayed renovation of the controversial Winthrop Hotel and new owners for the long-neglected Elks' Temple--that we might be excused if we dream a little...

Todd Matthews has a great article today in the Tacoma Daily Index on the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, its restoration, and the relevancy of that story to Tacoma's Winthrop. Todd has been doing a great job of making the City of Tacoma's newspaper of record something more than a wrapping for legal notices, and this article is no exception; it includes original interview material with folks involved with the Davenport's rebirth as a four-star hotel.

"If Spokane can do it, certainly Tacoma can do it," said Tom McArthur during a telephone interview with Matthews. McArthur, a former newspaper reporter who fell in love with the hotel nearly a decade ago, now serves as its communications director. He sees similarities between the two hotels--both were neglected over the years, ignored by locals, and were touchstone reminders of each city's downtown blight.


  1. The Tacoma Daily Index has really had some great articles on downtown Tacoma over the last six months thanks to Todd Matthews.

    The Davenport/Winthrop article couldn't have better timing as to how other cities have restored their historic hotels.

    Step by step they describe how the Davenport Hotel was restored.

  2. Anonymous10:10 PM

    I heard that The Davenport was so successful that another hotel was built across the street. Spokane has The Davenport to thank for helping realize a pent-up hotel market!