Monday, September 18, 2006

13th St. Closure

Work begins today on S. 13th St. from Tacoma Ave. to Commerce St. The Public Works Engineering Division has awarded the contract to Woodworth & Company to grind and overlay the street, install required ADA ramps at every intersection and create curb bulb outs will at Market and at Broadway. No work will occur on Tacoma Ave. or Commerce St.--only the roads in between.

13th St. will be closed from Tacoma Ave. down to Commerce St. from now through November 17th. Market and Broadway will remain open in a north/south direction across 13th, but no turns will be allowed onto 13th; Court ‘C’ will become a two-way street accessible from 11th St. (but not 13th) so that persons parking in the lower level of the Tacoma Center Market St. garage can access that facility.

Project contacts are as follows:

Mike Bradley
Woodworth & Co.
Project Manager

Justin Davis
City of Tacoma

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