Friday, January 16, 2015

Council Consideration Request: Theatre District Branding

The Tacoma City Council is continuing a conversation for a formal designation of the Downtown Theater District. The City started their conversation during the Committee of the Whole on January 6th. Council member Thoms brought up this request to the Council to designate a formal point of center for the Theater District on 9th and Broadway.

The promotion and marketing of the district is aligned with City of Tacoma's North Downtown Subarea Plan that was adopted this past year. This plan highlighted the Theater District as an area that is identified as a key public gathering place and hub of cultural and civic events.

Although Council member Thoms initially proposed a district with boundaries shown in the map below, the City decided that a central designation would be a more flexible plan, and at the same time adding the prestige and sense of identity. During the committee  meeting Thoms stated, "(legitimizing an official name) is more of a mechanism than a formal district, not as a way to apply for grants, but for signage and formal designation purposes. It is something we have been calling it for a long time, but we do this now in the hopes that it would have some economic benefits to use as a tool in the future."

This request would allow the City to brand and promote the Theater District identity. The BIA welcomes this official designation and believes that it will enhance the legitimacy of what Downtown Tacoma has to offer.

Previous Proposed Theater District Boundaries
City of Tacoma

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