Monday, May 20, 2013

Schuster Pkwy Closure 5/28- 7/19

As part of the Stadium Way project, southbound Schuster Parkway will be closed at S. 4th St. beginning May 28 and extending through July 19.  The closure will be from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday.  One southbound lane will be open after 9 p.m.  Traffic to downtown and/or I-705 will be detoured via S. 4th St./Dock St./S. 15th St.  

The Schuster Parkway sidewalk will be closed to pedestrians for 2-3 weeks during the road closure.  Signs will be in place notifying pedestrians when the sidewalk is closed.  The pedestrian detour will be the same as the vehicle detour. 

For additional information, including a detour plan, go to  Once you are at the web page, scroll down to Phasing Plan and click on Phase 1A to view the detour plan.


  1. I have grown increasingly tired of the Stadium Way construction. And now southbound Schuster Parkway will be closed during the day for almost 2 months! Has anyone ever seen anyone working in this area? Every time I drive thru (thankfully not often) I see ZERO work being done, and 100 detour and closure signs. How long can it possibly take to fix one stretch of road?

    Perhaps something good can come out of this? NOW is the time to raise the speed limit on Dock Street. 2958723987423847 people will be using Dock Street as there alternative route daily. 25mph has never been, nor will it be acceptable for this type of road.

    Who incorrectly deemed 25mph a proper speed for an industrial thoroughfare anyway??

    1. The fools at the City want to delude themselves by thinking that Tacoma is just a sleepy little bedroom town, trying to prevent "urban blight". I got news for them ... 'blight' is already here. We are a congested City, and we desperately need alternate roads for all the commuters who need to get themselves in and out of these urban and residential areas every day in order to get to their jobs.

      How much lunacy and utter stupidity was it that the planners of the new Ruston Way development project (at the old Asarco site) made the new road in and out of it only 2 lanes - one in and one out!! Seriously!? I was told by the personnel down there that it was the City's way of keeping the small town feel and preventing too much traffic in that area Really?!! Too much traffic? What do they think is going to happen when the thousands of people who will be living there use what is really their only way in and out? Schuster is a road that is already crowded with commuters and patrons of the restaurants down there, and is also severely damaged by the deterioration of the seawall. Damage that is going to have to be addressed somehow, before the road just becomes one big sink hole.

      Wake up, Tacoma decision makers!! This town is beginning to experience gridlock on the local streets that rivals Seattle's, and all because the City is in denial about providing the residents and workers with viable road options for getting in and out of the City.

      Perhaps when the Stadium district project is done, our policy makers will look at the Schuster mess. It is a major disaster, just waiting to happen. You can close your eyes and look away, but that's not going to make the problem just disappear.