Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UWT Prairie Line Trail Design

Japanese School Memorial.
Last week UWT unveiled their design proposal for their portion of the Prairie Line Trail. The proposed trail contains new resting places, green space, beautiful histortical content: such as the existing tracks from the Prairie Line, and new artwork like this Japanese school memorial. 

UW's next move is to start phasing construction on 21st St. so that pedestrians and bicyclists have a safer place to cross.
The University has come up with 3 phases to the create a safe crossing on 21st St. Descriptions are as follows:
  • Phase 1/C Street Crossing = This is the current alignment - a crosswalk crossing 21st St. at C St.
  • Phase 2/Double Median = Increasing safety by adding two medians. See below for example.
  •  Phase 3/Bridge and Tunnel = Future construction plans are to build a bridge with a tunnel underneath for the trail. It is unclear when this might be constructed. See example below.
We are excited to see what the Prairie Line Trail has in store for downtown and the BIA in the future. Look for another post soon on updates for the City's plans and designs are for the trail.

Phase 2: Double Median Design.

Phase 3: Bridge/Tunnel Design.

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