Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrate & Support at the Spaceworks Cakewalk

Spaceworks has had an amazing year - landing permanent leases for several vacant spaces and helping numerous artists explore their future - much of it highlighted in last week's paper.  Now it's time to celebrate these successes and raise some money for 2013.

On September 15th, from 6-9PM, Spaceworks will be throwing a free party at 311 S. 7th St. 98402. In grade school tradition, there will be a cakewalk with an opportunity to win fabulous cakes and art.  Tickets for the walks will cost from $5-20 - this is a fundraiser after all.  To entice you further they'll have a DJ, refreshments, and a performance from the BareFoot Collective.

If you like goodies from Dulce Cupcakes, Angel Cakes, Hello Cupcake, Corina Bakery, Celebrity Cake, or Amocat, you should definitely join us.  

If you like art from people like Jeremy Gregory, Chandler O'Leary, Jessica Spring, Oliver Doriss, Lance Kagey, Kyle Dillehay, Janet Marcavage,  Lisa Kinoshita, Diane Hansen, Brian Hutcheson, Amy McBride, Sean Alexander, Kenji Stoll, Maria Meneses, Nate Dybevik, Goldfinch, The Warehouse, the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, and others this will be your chance to get ahold of some works.

If you support creative entrepreneurs  in Tacoma, filling vacant storefronts, and making downtown more vibrant then you want to support Spaceworks now and in the coming years.  For more on Spaceworks and how you can support it, visit the Spaceworks blog.  For more on the Spaceworks Cakewalk, visit the Cakewalk page.

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