Thursday, January 12, 2012

Metro Parks Provides Updates to Improvements of Public Access to the Waterfront

Downtown residents and visitors alike enjoy visiting the businesses, parks, and recreational facilities of Tacoma’s beautiful waterfront. The first meeting the of the new year for the Tacoma Waterfront Association, an organization that serves the Tacoma community in promotion and development of the waterfront as a premier visitor destination in the South Sound, welcomed a new Board President, Loren Cohen, and speakers on behalf of Metro Parks Tacoma, Scott Knox and Dick Ramsey.

The Metro Parks representatives provided a vote of confidence that the $84.3 million bond measure passed in 2005 has been put to good use in improving more than sixty projects for improvement and creation of Metro Parks’ sites in the Greater Tacoma Area, five in the downtown area, and nine of which are public access to the waterfront.

Enhancement of waterfront recreational areas includes the revitalization and construction of a park at the head of the Foss Waterway in Downtown. The park will be located on a portion of 7.5 acres of land on the east side jointly purchased by the City of Tacoma and Metropolitan Parks Tacoma. Improvements such as these, especially to major Tacoma tourist attractions will come with increased business to Tacoma and strengthen the local community.

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