Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Record Number of Attendees at Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center

The Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center (GTCTC) welcomes three major conventions in May, resulting in record numbers for the GTCTC: The Infant and Early Childhood Conference, Washington Education Association and the Boeing Company. Along with other events held in between these groups, the economic impact to the local community is estimated to be over $2,361,000. With the exception of two, one-day meetings, all of the events will take place within the first twenty-two days of May.

The total attendance for all events in May will be over 17,030. This will result in more than 4,375 guest room nights for Tacoma area hotels.

Local businesses are encouraged to welcome attendees into their establishments by printing welcome signs which are always available on the GTCTC's website, gtctc.org, by selecting the Resource tab, then Media Newsroom page.

For more information, contact the GTCTC at 1-888-227-3705 or online at gtctc.org or facebook.com/gtctc.

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  1. Nice numbers for one month, but is the GTCTC making a profit to pay back bonds and loans?