Thursday, March 24, 2011

D to M Street Construction Update

Sound Transit continues work on the D to M Street Track and Signal Project connecting Sounder trains from Tacoma Dome Station to Lakewood. For the week of March 23-30, you can expect to see on the D-to-M Streets Track and Signal Project:

• Sewer line work continues on A Street between South 26th and South 25th. Crews will be placing concrete to create the walls for the vault structure. Crews will also begin retaining wall construction on A Street. There will be no pedestrian access on A Street between 25th and 26th Streets during this work.

• Clearing and grubbing work along the track alignment from South C Street to M Street will not require any traffic control.

• Abatement and building demolition have begun on properties now owned by Sound Transit. Buildings to be demolished this week are the former Star Fuel and Ice, former Paramount Electric Warehouse, and then the former Kings Inn Motel. Demolition will continue throughout the month. No traffic control is required for this work.

• Traffic detour work continues between Delin Street and South Tacoma Way. Crews finished installing piles for the shoring wall and began excavation for the future traffic detour that will be used during the 11-month temporary closure of Pacific Avenue. This work will require temporary lane closures on South Tacoma Way; traffic will be maintained in both directions.

• Storm drain work at the corner of South C Street and South Tacoma Way will require temporary closure of South C Street. Crews installing storm water pipe will require lane closures on South Tacoma Way. Pedestrian traffic will be rerouted to Pacific Avenue via South 25th Street during the South C Street closure. This work will continue throughout the month.

• Street improvements continue on East C Street from East 25th Street to East 26th Street. East C Street is currently scheduled to reopen in April. East D Street and Pacific Avenue will remain open as main arterials.

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