Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bike to a Better Tacoma @ The Hub a HUGE SUCCESS!

More Bike-to-Work Week Events Remaining!

Bike to a Better Tacoma, hosted by the City of Tacoma, took place yesterday at The Hub. Over 65 people attended, crowding the temporary bike racks and delighting Tacoma's bike enthusiasts and mobility planners. Participants enjoyed free pizza, contagious enthusiasm about cycling in and around Tacoma, and an opportunity to provide feedback to the City on bicycle infrastructure.

Like other Bike Month events throughout May, the turnout exceeded expectation, and demonstrated the excitement around the potential for Tacoma's future bicycle network.

Interested in participating in the remaining Bike-to-Work week events (including free movies, Zeit Bike at the Tacoma Art Museum, and the Bike Commuter Lunch & Fashion Show)? Check out PierceTrips.com to learn more!

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