Monday, February 08, 2010

Why property owners and businesses should care about the City’s Urban Forestry Program

Have you ever wanted tree branches pruned in front of your business or wished that the roots lifting the sidewalk in front of you building could be removed?

If so, you should care about and comment on the Urban Forestry Plan and Policies being reviewed for adoption into the City’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan.

City staff is currently overhauling the policies related to Tacoma’s Urban Forest, which includes downtown street trees, trees and plantings in front of buildings and along city streets, neighborhood parks & open spaces, and private property.

The updated Urban Forestry Element on the Comprehensive Plan will:
• Clarify ownership and maintenance responsibilities for trees in the rights-of-way
• Clarify policies regarding preservation and removal of trees
• Specify policies addressing building and sign conflicts with trees

The plan updates are the first step in a long process to take better care of trees in the urban environment, which will in turn help businesses. Research indicates that for every $1 invested in urban trees, approximately $3 is returned in benefits such as stormwater interception and air quality.

Important dates to know:
• February 10 - The “official” public document will be sent out and available on the Urban Forestry website. It is crucial that the public (especially business and property owners) provide input on the policies outlined in the document
• March 3 - Planning Commission Public Hearing
• April - Planning Commission will make recommendations to the City Council
• May - City Council Public Hearing
• June - City Council adoption

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