Friday, August 07, 2009

LINK Light Rail Closed Next Week

Beginning Saturday, August 8th Tacoma Link light rail will be closed for several days for construction. During the closure, free special Tacoma Link buses will serve the light rail route on Pacific Avenue on a similar schedule as the train.

Pavement between rails on Commerce Street between South 9th and South 13th streets needs repair due to heavy use by bus and vehicular traffic. Other maintenance activity along the Tacoma Link route will be completed during the closure. To resume Tacoma Link service as quickly as possible, the City has approved 24/7 construction activity. This work may take up to nine days.

Access to businesses and parking lots on Commerce Street will be maintained at all times during construction. The construction activity on Commerce Street requires Pierce Transit bus service to be relocated to both sides of Pacific Avenue between South 9th and South 11th streets. On-street parking in this area will be suspended during construction.

For more information about Tacoma Link construction, contact Roger Iwata at or 206-689-4904.

A Printable rider alert poster is available here.

The Pierce Transit Department of Public Safety in conjunction with the Tacoma Police Department will be addressing the security concerns of the Light Rail Closure and moving from Commerce to Pacific.

There will be Tacoma Police officers conducting foot patrol in the temporary bus hub on Pacific from 12:00 PM to 12:30 AM

Uniformed Security:
Pierce Transit Security Officers will be riding the bus service along the Light Rail line. They will be working these buses for the majority of the service hours. This may change depending on the level of activity we observe. These officers were chosen to perform this function as they have been trained specifically for bus service and are plugged into our communication system and have the ability to talk to the Pierce Transit staff and TPD officers working for Pierce Transit directly. Additionally they are familiar with and are able to issue exclusions if necessary. They will also be performing their regular patrols at 10th and Commerce and Tacoma Dome Station.

Phone Information:
Pierce Transit Police (Non-Emergency) 253.983.3371
Security Office 253.983.2703 &2703
Security Supervisor’s Office: 253.983.3313

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