Monday, March 02, 2009

Chairs and Tables, a First Step for Tollefson Plaza

For too long Tollefson Plaza has been a black mark on the hard fought efforts to revitalize and breathe life into downtown Tacoma. Rather than enumerate all the disappointments associated with the Plaza let’s change course…

In February the Economic Development Committee of the Tacoma City Council reviewed recommendations from the Tollefson Plaza/ Century Park Planning Group. The Group comprised of representatives from the City, Save Our Station, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber, UWT, Tacoma Art Museum, the Tollefson Family and other stakeholders has been meeting for the past two years to discuss strategies to turn the Plaza into a more inviting and active destination.

Building on recommendations from architect Lars Gemzoe, the planning group has proposed a series of recommendations some believe will make Tollefson Plaza/ Century Park a livelier place. The elements in the first phase of the recommendations include tables, chairs, umbrellas, garbage bins and planters.

Along with warmer weather and leaves on the trees, this spring will bring opportunity to Tollefson Plaza. The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber, which manages the Plaza is working with the City to bring this list of amenities onto Tollefson Plaza by May 1st.

What to expect:
  • Tables, chairs and umbrellas: Metal with a modern design that reflects the angles and simple architecture of the Convention Center and Tacoma Art Museum.
  • Planters: Similar to the black ceramic planters in front of the Marriott Hotel adjacent to the Plaza.

Check back soon for pictures of the tables, chairs, umbrellas and planters that will be ordered... (the ones in this picture are not what will be in Tollefson)


  1. Is the price tag really $35'000? The BIA already once set out planters. I do not think this will help bringing folks there. It is an uncomfortable space: standing, sitting walking or anything else. Scrap this plan. Take the money and hire local talent to create events that draw people, instead of charging groups for using the plaza. I bet in a year’s time $ 35’000 worth of chairs will walk off…want to take me up on that?

  2. take the 35,000 and hire street performers to maintain the illusion that REAL people are actually occupying space in that park. You could hire TAG actors... really they're destitute they'll do anything for a but. Seriously.