Thursday, February 12, 2009

Downtown Business Leaders Address Commuting Options

Leaders from more than 15 downtown businesses have formed the Downtown: On the Go! Transportation partnership to identify viable solutions to the parking and transportation challenges facing downtown businesses and commuters. On February 5, members of the partnership agreed to collaborate on strategies to reach a goal of 35 percent of employees using transit, walking, biking, and sharing rides.

The partnership has agreed to meet monthly and will address the following:

  • Transit routes, capacity, programs, and frequency.
  • Identifying downtown employee residential patterns to better understand primary commute routes and influence transit route planning and biking infrastructure alignments.
  • Biking and walking infrastructure and amenities.
  • Carsharing possibilities and opportunities for Tacoma

The group was convened by the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber and the City of Tacoma, in partnership with Pierce Transit. The Downtown: On the Go! Transportation partnership evolved from a series of CEO Transportation forums held last summer that featured regional transportation experts. This group will continue to work with parking and transportation expert Rick Williams, director of the Lloyd District Transportation Management Association of Portland, Oregon.

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