Friday, March 23, 2007

City Council Votes on S. Park Plaza Next Tuesday

This coming Tuesday evening, the City Council will vote to move ahead (or not) on the South Park Plaza garage renovation, about which some Council members recently expressed concerns. Downtown stakeholders are encouraged to attend and demonstrate their support.

Public testimony on the issue will be accepted beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers during the regular weekly meeting.

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  1. This project has been waiting for many many years to be completed. We don't need any more delays.

    The City of Tacoma knocked down attractive buildings to build the South Parking Garage and the garage is city owned. Thus, this is not an optional project the city is considering. The city has unique duty to fix the garage accurately described the Tacoma Daily Index as "The Dead Zone."

    At least one city hired consultant company described how the blighted garage is hampering Tacoma. Of course, one need not be a consultant to realize how bad the structure is.

    Also, because the parking garage is city owned, no private group can come in and fix it. The city alone is the only one that can rehabilitate the garage and correct the situation.

    If the garage continues as is, the spaces below it, already largely empty, will simply become unsafe and the city will force the remaining businesses to vacate anyway resulting in a blighted
    stalemate of sorts.

    Here's a chance to 1) add parking downtown without adding yet another garage or parking lot, 2) clean up a blighted property, 3) add class A office space downtown, and 4) restore the retail units below so that they can be used again.

    It is important that we not delay any longer.

    (Cross posted on TNT blog)